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Lightning Crotch. What is it & how to deal.

There's a pain that happens, usually in the final trimester of pregnancy, that can stop you in your tracks. The main culprit is unknown, but we call it "Lightning Crotch." What a name, right? Sounds delightful, when we have a plethora of other things happening to your body during this time. It feels kind-of like an electric shock from the inside, or like your babe is kicking right into your vagina. Wonderful.

What do we know? We know that your body is preparing for birth! So the cause for this lightning crotch could be a couple of things. We know that the relaxin hormone your body releases during pregnancy is allowing for your ligaments to stretch and your body to loosen up. The round ligaments that hold your uterus in place are stretched thin and pain in those ligaments can be intense, but that aching pain can also be coupled with the shooting, lightning pain. We know that baby is growing larger and larger by the day. The baby could well be kicking or punching right where it hurts. Your babe could have "dropped", which we can sometimes visibly see, as babe's head descends into the pelvis - their head putting pressure on the nerve endings there can cause that sharp pain.

How do you fix it? Unfortunately, you don't. It's not something we have a remedy to. Take solace in knowing that your body is that much closer to birthing your baby! You can help relieve the pain by focusing intently on how you're moving. Don't stand too quickly, take everything slow, using help and bracing yourself. Sometimes a belly band can help, to remove pressure off of your pelvis - but take care when choosing and using one of these bands, as it can put a lot of pressure on your pelvic area and shift things out of whack. Finding a comfortable position on your hands and knees can pull your belly down, taking pressure off your back and pelvis, with the help of gravity. Finding a chiropractor certified in the Webster technique can help with pelvic pain. A prenatal massage can also help relieve pressure.

If your pain in consistent, best call your provider and double check they don't want to see you. While it's usually the average aches and pains of the final trimester, there could be other signs that they might want to check on.

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