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What hiring me as your Birth Doula includes: 

We begin with two 60-90 minute prenatal meetings to discuss your birth wishes, fears, excitement, worries and everything in between.


Please feel free to bring your spouse, partner, support person with you. I'm their advocate, too! 

If it feels like a great decision to hire me as your doula, here is what you can expect:

24/7 on call two weeks before and two weeks following your estimated due date. If you happen to give birth outside of that period, I will still attend, taking into account any other births during their on-call period.

Backup doula care in case I'm unavailable. In the unlikely event I am attending another birth (I try and take clients with estimated due dates far enough apart) or at a family emergency, I will have a backup doula ready for you in case you need phone support or go into labor. 

I am available for any and all pregnancy and postpartum related resources - postpartum doula, massages, yoga, mama meet ups, photographers, you name it! 

Photos! I'm happy to take pictures during your labor/birth/first couple hours of the forth trimester. Also happy to recommend a photographer if you want them professionally taken. 

Help with first latch, if nursing.

(If not - NO judgement!)


A lot of hospitals have lactation consultants but they may not be able to be there to help with that initial latch. I will stick around (out of the way) after the birth for when you and the baby are ready to attempt a first latch. I like to leave soon after, if you're settled, to let you enjoy that time as a family. 

One postpartum visit at your convenience with your family. I'll come to you, we can discuss your birth, your feelings, and work through anything that needs clarification or understanding. Sometimes, as a doula, I see things from a much different perspective, even from your partner, and can help straighten out any questions that you had about the birth. It can be a really fun and cathartic way to relive your birth. 

Judgement free support - always. To everything birthing person, in any birthing way, in any birth setting - there will be zero judgement. 




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