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My practice was born out of the desire to bring compassionate, nonjudgmental, inclusive support to birthing families here in Michigan.


I value community and believe the collective strength of working together allows me to support you best.

About Me

A labor tour guide, calm space creator, hip-squeezer,
ally and advocate, sister with all the right skills.

Leaves Shadow
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Your decision to let another in during your labor and birth is an amazing honor, it’s a sacred space and one that deserves the upmost respect. The relationship that we will form will be full of respect, non-judgements, advocacy, love, admiration, gratefulness, and friendship.


What every birthing person deserves is someone in their corner and I hope to be able to be that for you.

Growing a human has always blown my mind, the science behind it takes my breath away just thinking about it. Just as important as that though, is making sure we are advocating for bodily autonomy. The decisions you make as a birthing person are yours and yours alone; it's really important to me that you feel empowered to make those choices.

"Chelsea was my doula, and she was AMAZING. She supported me during pregnancy, while in labor, and after birth. She helped me create my birth plan, sent me lots of articles and information when I needed it, gave great advice, was very knowledgeable, honored my wishes and helped me stick to them."

K.S. - first time mom


Contact me today for a free consultation to talk about your questions, birth wishes & how I can best support you through this exciting time in your life! 

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